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How we can help...

We are a local Community Interest Company (CIC) providing a range of practical and emotional support services to ease the stresses of unpaid Carers across the Bay.

We are dedicated to making it easier for Carers to cope.

We are proud to work in partnership with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust delivering support for unpaid Carers in Torbay.

Our services

Enabling service

Our free Enabling service is about YOU, the Carer:                

  •  We can help you get the services you need.

  •  We listen to your concerns and aim to help you overcome them.

  •  We walk alongside you, through your most difficult times, and help with an action plan to support you to move forward, at your own pace.

  •  We offer help, advice and support throughout Torbay in a kind and caring way.       


Carers Aid Torbay will support any unpaid Carer in Torbay. We offer them advice, help, information, practical and emotional support to alleviate some of the stress created by the responsibilities of caring.

Health & Wellbeing for Carers

All Carers who live in Torbay can have a Carer's Health and Wellbeing check from either us at Carers Aid Torbay or from a Carer Support Worker at their GP practice.

All Carers should receive support to make sure that their caring does not affect their own health and wellbeing, now or in the future.

We will chat with you about your caring situation and how it affects you.

This will help to:

  • Identify the best possible support for you and the person you care for.

  • Help you maintain your own health and wellbeing

  • Help support with education, employment, training or volunteering

  • Support to plan for any emergencies

  • Ensure you have time to yourself, to pursue hobbies and interests

What Carers Aid Torbay can offer...
  •  Events and Workshops (Ask for our “What’s On” guide.)

  •  Support Groups.            

  •  Advocacy Services, including support at meetings.

  •  Research & Information.

  •  Telephone Support & Signposting.

  •  Training for Carers.

  •  Information on Entitlements & Benefits.

  •  Emotional support.

  •  Health and Well Being checks

  •  We are able to look with you at what a Carers break may mean to you.

  • We can work together on an action plan.

  •  We are able to provide volunteers to support Carers in their caring role.

  •  Introductions to professionals and the services they provide.

  •  Next steps- supporting Carers to pursue their interests.

Carers Aid Torbay - Referral Form

Please click on the attachment icon to your left to download a form.

Please email the form back to or, you can also return the form via the post to our office address which is:

Carers Aid Torbay

The Olive Carers Centre

St Edmunds

Victoria Park Road



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